Inspections Carried Out To Specific Customer Requirements


Here at Tooltech we can carry out inspections on tooling either in-house or by using an external inspection company depending on your requirements.

Our in-house method of inspection uses a FARO arm which is a portable piece of equipment, we are able to load this onto the CNC machine and inspect the block whilst still set-up in the machine. If there are any areas that need re-machining or modifying, the block is still on the CNC which saves times and is far more accurate as you are not relying on the block being set-up again.

Customer Tailored Inspections
Portable FARO Arm
Thorough & Efficient Inspections
Our method of inspection is accurate and efficient. By using our own in-house FARO Arm that prevents loading and unloading machinery during edits, we save time, helping you meet your deadline. For more information on our inspection process, contact us today.

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